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Extra strength gel, bar soap and oil are an effective formula designed for use on the vaginal area. Made with potent antiviral oils & herbs. It effectively cleanse the vulva with a rich lather that rinses easily.
Specifically designed to fight & suppress active outbreaks and sores. Made with oils that inhibits HSV.

Oil Usage: After shower, use clean, dry hands to apply pea size amount on external areas such as vulva, labia, & areas where there are lesions. Use daily until lesions heal. Also, massage oil at base of spine daily. After outbreak you have the option to apply to both vulva & base of spine or just only to spine since that's where HSV lays dormant.This oil is highly potent and enriched with oils that the skin absorbs quickly. A little goes a long way.

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Our Ingredients

Plant-Based Ingredients, Passion, and Pure Intentions

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